Having implemented a variety of ecological, economic and social initiatives, the family-owned company, which has a history going back 500 years, is considered a pioneer in terms of sustainable business today.

Mark Rodrique

Mark Rodrique


Expertise in Handling

Expertise in Handling

Tracking Service

Tracking Service

Perfect Storage Facility

Perfect Storage Facility

Fast & Reliable

Fast & Reliable

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About Transfarest Logistics

Transfarest Logistics is an integrated transport and logistics company and is a global leader in container shipping and ports. The company employs roughly 20,000 employees across operations in 130 countries




Energistically utilize team driven niche markets rather than leveraged platforms. Monotonectally restore tactical “outside the box” thinking and technically sound deliverables.

Compellingly develop fully researched process improvements through innovative opportunities. Credibly productize highly efficient potentialities for vertical core competencies. Quickly maintain pandemic experiences rather than low-risk high-yield processes.

Logistics 81%
Trunk Rental 65%
Courier 95%
Air Transport 85%
Support 90%


What Makes Us Special

Safety & Quality

We value our people and promote diversity, safety and quality in our workplaces

Packaging and Storage

All packaging is done by Trans Andex Logistics and the package are stored in our facility Prior to arrival.

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Clients Worldwide

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We are operating within the following locations, so regardless of your needs we have you covered.

  • European Countries
  • Asian Countries
  • American Countries
  • African Countries

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We carry millions of tons of cargo every single day. Our vast network covers over 300 ports in more than 120 countries, giving you a fast, reliable and regular connection to all corners of the globe.

Shipping and Cargo Services

As one of the world’s largest container shipping company, we move 1 million containers every year and deliver to every corner of the globe. Regardless of your industry, your commodity, or your key markets, we have solutions that offer both small and large businesses the opportunity to grow. We serve our customers with frequent departures on all major trade lanes and inland services for a true end-to-end experience.